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Robert Dvorak

Robert Dvorak, PhD, ABPP
Dr. Robert Dvorak received his  PhD from the University of South Dakota and  is one of only four psychologists board certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in Central Florida. His approach to helping individuals achieve and maintain psychological health involves the use of scientifically validated approaches, melded with his own unique style of working within each person’s individual strengths and experiences to overcome life’s struggles. In doing so, therapy with Dr. Dvorak is individually tailored to each person, while weaving in aspects of scientifically-supported treatment approaches. 


Dr. Dvorak specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for: 

Couples (relationship and family issues) 

Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, and Trauma 

Health and Illness Anxiety 

Addiction (substances, food, and gaming) 

Emotion-regulation (depression and bipolar) 

Sleep-related issues (restless sleep and insomnia) 


Dr. Dvorak is a licensed clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at The University of Central Florida. At  UCF, Dr. Dvorak conducts research on emotion-regulation as it relates to anxiety, depression, substance use, and eating disorders.  

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